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2018 Registration Form

Welcome to the 2018 Lake Marion Swim Season! We are so happy to have you join us for a fun summer swim season!

This year we are again happy to offer an online credit card payment option for your family's convenience.

Registration refund requests will be honored until Friday June 22, 2018. However, no refunds will be offered on any Lake Marion spirit wear merchandise purchases. All refunds will be issued in the form of a check.

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Team Transfers

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Residence Location

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Photo Release and Wavier

I hereby authorize and give my full consent to the Lake Marion Swim Team to publish any and all photographs, videotapes and/or film in which my child(ren) or I appear while attending Lake Marion Swim Team meets or events. I acknowledge that since participation in publications and websites produced by the Lake Marion Swim Team is voluntary, neither my child(ren) nor I will receive financial compensation. I further agree that participation in any publication and website produced by the Lake Marion Swim Team confers no rights of ownership whatsoever. *

Graduating Seniors

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Release of Liability

My child has permission to participate on the Lake Marion Swim Team and team related events and activities held at the Lake Marion Community Center or off site venues. I acknowledge that I am aware of the risks inherent in swimming, training, and competition and agree to assume all those risks. I will not hold any coach, team committee member, parent, sponsor, or the Montgomery Village Foundation liable, either singularly or jointly, for any losses due to injuries sustained while participating as part of the Lake Marion Swim Team related events and activities.

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Montgomery County Swim League Code of Conduct

I certify that I have read the Montgomery County Swim League (MCSL) Code of Conduct and will abide by it, as well as assume responsibility for my guests and other family members also abiding by the Code of Conduct. I understand that MCSL and its activities are for the benefit of children and that MCSL teams will not tolerate a parent or guardian yelling at or belittling a child, an official, coach or other parent or guardian in any way, or otherwise engaging in unsportsmanlike conduct.

A copy of the MCSL Code of Conduct can be found at the MCSL website or by clicking on the hyperlink above.

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All-Comers pre-payment

The All-Comers Swim Meet will be held on June 9, 2018 and is intended to be the time trials swim meet sponsored by MVF for the three Montgomery Village swim teams. Swimmers are encouraged to swim all strokes that they are legal in. In order to make collecting payment for this meet less chaotic on the deck, families may pre-pay $10 per swimmer ($2 per event) during registration. If a swimmer signs up for less than 5 events, the difference will be provided as a concession voucher to be used at one of Lake Marion's first home meets.

If you do not want to pre-pay, payments will still be collected on the deck prior to the swim meet.

Teen Gift

Swimmers 13 and older receive a surprise gift at the awards banquet. The additional cost of the gift is $20 per teen swimmer and is required.