Student Service Learning (SSL) Hours Forms Approval

    Good Afternoon,

    As tomorrow is the last day of practice and Sunday is the Lake Marion popsicle meet (last chance to earn hours), I wanted to remind swimmers that have volunteered this summer as CITs, meet volunteers, etc. that the last day to get signatures on SSL forms will be Tuesday, July 23rd during Raft & Splash (5pm - 8pm).  

    CIT forms should be signed by Coach Taylor, Junior Assistant Coach forms should be signed by Coach Jorge.  Forms for all other hours earned should be signed by Ashley, Daria or me.  

    You can find the MCPS SSL form, pre-populated with our team information, on our website by clicking here.  If you want credit for hours for another school system, please complete the appropriate form and submit it with your log of hours. Please complete the form and attach your log of hours (log at a minimum should include the date, number of hours, and brief description of work performed) BEFORE asking for a signature.  Incomplete forms or forms missing your log, will not be signed.

    Thank you,


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