January 2020 Swim Team Update

    Happy New Year Lasers!

    Wishing your family a happy, healthy and prosperous 2020! The swim team committee is already hard at work planning for the summer season. Thank you to Lisa -Marie Pierre, a member of one of the founding families of the Lake Marion Lasers, for helping the committee navigate some IRS filings. Just a few important reminders as listed below.

    WHITE HOUSE ORNAMENTS: A huge thank you to everyone that purchased and/or sold ornaments this year.This is the first year in at least 3 years that we have sold out and maybe the earliest we’ve ever sold out. A huge thank you to Janice Gacuma and her family for leading the effort this year as well as transporting ornaments, collecting money, etc. Thank you to Thomas McCaskill for pick up and delivery of the bulk order of 500 ornaments. And a huge thank you to Kristine Frohman, Kelli Giffin, Lorraine Lennon and Roberta McIntyre (former swim member that continues to support the team yearly) who combined to sell more than HALF of our ornaments this year!  As always, the MVF office also sold about 20% of our ornaments.

    CONCESSIONS: As mentioned previously, we need someone to take over concessions for the summer. We are looking for someone to take over concessions (A & B Meets, A Meets only, B Meets Only). While Leah led concessions alone this past summer, it is usually something done by two or more people/families. If interested, please let Leah or any committee know. Registration will begin about 2.5 months so we will have to finalize our registration fees for the 2020 season in the next month. If we don’t have a concessions lead volunteer by that time, we will have to assume we will have limited concessions (drinks and snacks only) and adjust fees accordingly. If interested, please reach out to Leah or any committee member before February 14th. Concessions covers the cost of one assistant coach, so this is an important activity for the team!

    VOLUNTEERS: – Any swim team member that would like to shadow any committee position or chairperson (A Rep, B Rep, Treasurer, Officials, Fundraising, etc.), please contact any committee person or reply to this message with the position. This a great way for members to get an idea for what a job entails, see if it will be a good fit for them and bring in some fresh ideas. First MCSL meeting is in February (attended by A Rep on behalf of the team).

    LIFEGUARDS - Montgomery Village Foundation is looking for an outstanding candidates to join our lifeguard team for the 2020 summer season. Montgomery Village provide professional, team oriented environment with competitive pay and opportunities to gain experience and advance in the field. Please find additional on our website by clicking here. Classes offered in February, March and April. 

    Stay tuned for more information about swim lessons (so swimmers are ready for the summer), dine-outs, registration and more as we begin to ramp up for the summer.  

    Have a great weekend!

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