Laser Update: thank you, cards, donuts and Olympic colors

    Good afternoon Laser Families!

    Thank you so much to everyone who came to Flower Hill yesterday despite the thunder thwarting our plans!  A huge thank you to our families who stepped up to volunteer, some for more than one role, as volunteering is essential to a successful meet!

    Please be sure to bring your cards for Lucy to practice by tomorrow.  Thank you to everyone who has already made a card for her.

    There will be donuts at practice tomorrow so bring your 50 cents!

    Finally, our theme for this week is Olympics. Here are the colors assigned to each age group:

    • 15-18 (Men & Women): Black
    • 13:14 (Boys): Red
    • 13-14 (Girls): Yellow
    • 11-12 (Boys & Girls): Blue
    • 9-10 (Boys & Girls): Green
    • 8&U (Boys & Gilrs): Yellow

    Go Lasers!

    Daria, B Rep

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