Laser News: Week 6 Wrap-up

    Good Afternoon Lasers,

    Divisionals Meet at Regency Estates

    Did we have some fast swims this morning for the Division I Championship meet. Maybe the awesome posters and notes on driveways and porches from the divisional fairies had something to do with all the awesome swims this morning. Our graduating seniors Ava and Nick led the way breaking team records, new All-Star times and top 3 finishes! We had two swimmers finish first in an event Ava Silva finished 1st in 50M Butterfly and Austin Seagar finished 1st in 50M Breaststroke. The Lasers finished with 572 points. 77% of our swimmers got new personal best times today in at least one event they swam! That's a new record for the season on best times.

    Record Breakers

    • Sam Arias: Girls 13-14 100M IM and Girls 13-14 50M Breaststroke
    • Nick Keeler: Men 15-18 100M Backstroke. Nick broke a record that was set 11 years ago today!
    • Ava Silva: Women 15-18 100M IM and 50M butterfly. Ava broke the IM record that was set 17 years ago today! She also broke her own butterfly record.
    All-Star Times
    The following swimmers achieved All-Star times in the meet:
    • Sam Arias: 13-14 100M IM; 50M Breaststroke; 50M Butterfly
    • Chase Keeler: 13-14 100M IM; 50M Freestyle, 50M Backstroke, 50M Butterfly
    • Nick Keeler: 15-18 100M IM; 100M Freestyle; 100M Backstroke; 50M Butterfly
    • Izzy Najarro: 13-14 50M Freestyle
    • Ellie Pearson: 11-12 50M Freestyle, 50M Breaststroke, 50M Butterfly
    • Ava Silva: 15-18 100M IM; 100M Backstroke; 50M Butterfly
    • Austin Seager: 12&U 100M IM, 11-12 50M Breaststroke 50M Butterfly
    • Tanner Seagar: 8&U 25M Freestyle; 25M Breastroke; 25M Butterfly

    The following swimmers improved in every individual event they swam:

    • Sam Arias
    • Maya Barrett
    • Ben Caldwell
    • Cameron Clagett
    • Melanie Falcone
    • Henry Giffin
    • Sophia Hoover
    • Eli Hunter
    • Nick Keeler
    • Evan Lehman
    • Julia Lewis
    • Izzy Navarro
    • Liem Nguyen
    • Ben Page
    • Brett Page
    • Ellie Pearson
    • Tanner Seager
    • Rachel Sharp
    • Tyler Shuttles
    • Catherine Silva
    • Izzy Trice

    Sunday - Awards Night

    See everyone tomorrow evening at Lake Marion for the Awards night at 5:00 PM. After awards conclude, join your friends for swimming until 8:00 PM. The pool will be operating under normal summer hours so you will need to bring your pool card, enter via the community center and leave the pool by 8:00 PM.



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