swimmer coach job posting

    The Lake Marion Lasers Swim team is seeking a swimmer coach for the 2022 summer season. Preference will be given to graduating seniors, availability to attend practices and meets - including afternoon practices, and/or those with a valid Montgomery County pool operator license or the ability to obtain one.

    Swimmer Coach duties include the following:

    • Coaching at daily practice sessions the swimmer is not participating in
    • Providing constructive feedback and instruction to swimmers
    • In-water coaching and demonstration
    • Conducting stroke, turn, and start instruction
    • Helping with coaching at all A, B and pre-team meets
    • Participating in team social events
    • Leading in team spirit activities (Friday evening socials, theme preparation, and July 4th activities)

    Candidates need to enjoy working with children; be energetic; and possess the ability to instruct, motivate and unite swimmers of all ages and abilities. Swimmer Coaches are expected to demonstrate leadership and sportsmanship, promote team sport, have a fun disposition, provide constructive encouragement to beginning swimmers in a positive manner, and be motivated to make the summer season a memorable time for our swimmers.

    To apply, please submit a resume, prior relevant experience, a list of references, and a list of days or times not available between May 31, 2022 and July 24, 2022 to Daria Taylor at dariataylor@hotmail.com

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