All Comers Sign Up Open!

    Happy Friday Lasers!

    As we wrap-up our first week, here is some important information on our first meet - All Comers!

    Registration for the All-Comers Swim Meet on Saturday June 11 at North Creek is now open. There are 5 individual events (free, back, breast, fly, and individual medley) and the cost is $2 per event. It is important for your swimmer to swim all strokes that they are legal in to get start of season times, even if the stroke is not their best or their favorite. Head Coach Jorge will review all entries and may make final adjustments, if needed. Swimmers should not enter a new stroke that they did not swim in an A or B meet last year (especially IM, breast or fly) unless they have spoken to a coach and gotten approval that they are legal in the stroke.

    Please log into your account and make your entries or indicate that your swimmer will not be attending as soon as possible. Log into your SwimTopia account by clicking here or go to https://lakemarionlasers.swimtopia.com/swim_meets:

    1. Click on the green Meet Entry button next to MVF All-Comers Meet 2022
    2. Select "Edit" under the swimmer's name.
    3. From the drop down select "Attending This Meet" or "Not Attending This Meet."
    4. Select the events the swimmer wishes to swim.
    5. Click Save.

    Please bring your payment of $2 per event in an envelope with your swimmer’s name(s) and events on the outside to one of the committee members on deck during practice. The deadline for entries and receipt of payment is Tuesday, June 7th at 5:30 pm. We will not be able to add entries after this time as we must get our entries to MVF so they can make meet programs.

    Don't forget to sign-up for a job at the meet when signing up your swimmer to participate in the meet!

    Please let any committee member know if you have any questions.

    Ashley, Beth, Daria, Karrie, Mekeba, and Nicole

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