Week 1A Weekly Update

    Hello Lasers! Here is your “weekly update!”

    All Comers

    We had some great swims in every age group and look forward to a great season. We cannot run a meet without volunteers and we appreciate every volunteer! It’s fabulous when people step up without needing to be asked, and we even have volunteers with kiddos in tow!

    We would like to recognize Chase Keeler who swam an all star time in IM and Fly!

    Congratulations to the following swimmers who swam in their first meet!

    • Diana Golub
    • Aiden King
    • Owen King
    • Nirav Nadarajah
    • Maxi Torres

    A Meet Week 1 - Saturday, June 18

    Our first A meet is at Washingtonian Woods at 9 AM on Saturday, June 18th (511 Midsummer Drive, Gaithersburg, MD 20878). It is critical that a swimmer’s availability is declared through Swimtopia for each A meet. Here’s how!

    Log in to your Swimtopia account by clicking here or go to https://lakemarionlasers.swimtopia.com/swim_meets

    1. Click on Week 1A 2022.
    2. Select Edit under the swimmer’s name.
    3. From the drop down, select Available For This Meet or Not Available For This Meet.
    4. Click Save.

    Please declare your swimmer’s availability as soon as possible, but no later than 6:30 PM (the end of practice) on Wednesday, June 15th. Please do this even if you don’t think your swimmer would participate in an A meet. Sometimes swimmers are not available because of other commitments.

    A meets are seeded by the coaching staff. The lineup will be finalized by the end of the day on Wednesday. HC Jorge will communicate who will swim in this meet on Wednesday night or Thursday morning. The line-up will then be formally exchanged with Washingtonian Woods by noon on Friday.

    Swimmers’ availability for an A meet is critical. We know that people can fall ill and circumstances can change, so please communicate with me or HC Jorge to let us know if you are selected to swim and are no longer able to attend. This gives us the ability to fill the lane so we can earn points.

    If you are not listed in the line-up for an A meeting, we encourage you to participate in B meets. Our first B meet will be on Wednesday, June 29 this season. B meets are for up and coming swimmers who are seeking to perfect their strokes and prepare for A meets. Swimmers can elect to swim in a B meet unless the coaching staff makes the decision that the swimmer is simply not ready, or if the swimmer swam that event at the prior A meet. For more detailed information, you can review the Team Handbook in the About section on our homepage.


    In keeping with Laser traditions, we will have a weekly theme. For week 1, the theme is Maryland, so show your Maryland pride from head to toe! We will be recognizing two swimmers for showing their LM spirit at the team lunch after the meet. (More details about Friday night’s pasta dinner and the post-meet lunch will follow.)

    Finally, our team suits have arrived and will be available for pick up during practice this week!

    Thank you for reading to the end of this message! Our 2022 season has officially begun! Wishing everyone still at school a fun final week!

    Daria, A Rep

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