B Relays Line-up and Meet Details

    Hello Laser Families!

    Tomorrow, July 13, we are AWAY a Quail Valley for our B Relay Carnival! Remember to wear your red and black or Lake Marion gear! We’ll be looking for our next family, boy, and girl spirit award winners!

    Line Up: Attached to this email is a DRAFT of the relays for B Relay Carnival. There is a possibility for changes to be made to the relays up until the Clerks of Course get the relay card from coaches and escort the relays to their starting ends. If you’re a swimmer coming to the pool, make sure you have your suit and goggles so you’re ready to swim if you’re needed!

    Pool Address: 18701 Quail Valley Blvd, Gaithersburg, MD 20879

    Parking: Only cars with a parking pass will be allowed to park in the parking lot at Quail Valley. All other cars will need to park on the street. You can drop swimmers off and then go park on the street if needed.  If you're one of the lucky ones getting a parking pass, I'll give it to you at practice tonight or tomorrow morning.  If you aren't there, I will hand it to your swimmer on deck (in which case I'll email you to let you know they have it).

    Team Area: Our team area is on the left side of the deck when you enter the pool. We are between two other teams. It is suggested that you bring a chair and/or a shade shelter. QV will divide up their deck chairs but there may not be enough for everyone. Our team area is also not shaded, so please bring a shade shelter if you have one!

    Volunteers: We are all set for our volunteers tomorrow! Thank you! Please check-in with Tanya Hunter at our team area when you arrive so we know you’re at the pool and ready to help. 🙂 We need all volunteers at the pool and on deck no later than 5:10, so you may need to arrive a few minutes prior to ensure you’re parked and on deck by 5:10.

    Warm-Ups: Please arrive by 5:10, so you have plenty of time to be in the water for warm ups at 5:30 PM.


    5:10 Swimmers and Volunteers arrive at Quail Valley pool
    5:20 Stroke and Turn Briefing with Referee and Chief Judge
    5:25 Announcer calls all timers and take off judges to report for briefing
    5:30 Combined briefing for timers and take-off judges with Referee, Chief Judge Head Timer and Asst head Timer

    LM Swimmers take lanes 1, 2, 3 for warm ups.

    5:50 Referee meets with Team Reps and Coaches
    5:53 Timers are in place
    5:55 Starter completes timer check. All officials in position
    5:58 National Anthem
    6:00 Swim meet begins with 1st dive for event 1

    Concessions: Please bring cash for your concession needs tomorrow.

    Parent and Coach Relays: As of now, we know we will have a coaches relay at the end of the meet. We are hoping the other teams will be able to create parent relays also. Thank you to Kelly Trice, Monte Lewis, JR Morillo, and Leana Lewis for volunteering to swim if the other teams are able to compete!

    Go Lasers! We are looking forward to a great meet!

    Ashley and Nicole

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