Divisionals Details!

    Hello Laser Family!

    Our divisional championship meet will be AWAY at Quail Valley (18701 Quail Valley Boulevard, Gaithersburg, MD 20879) on Saturday. The theme is Red and Black!

    Lake Marion warm ups start bright and early at 6:45 AM, so be at the pool no later than 6:30 AM. We are assigned to lanes 1-3. Rise and shine swimmers!

    The meet will start at 8:00 AM and the lineup is attached. Please print out a copy of the program and/or review it with your swimmer(s) so they know their events/heats/lanes. Our team area is to the far right as you walk through the pool entrance.

    Volunteers, here is your timeline!

    • Stroke and Turn briefing at 7:15 AM for Nelson Hunter
    • Timer briefing (regardless of half timing) at 7:30 AM
      • 1st half: Angie Niemiec (lane 1 - recorder), Stephen Ravas (lane 3), Reggie Arias (lane 5)
      • 2nd half: Laura Keeler (lane 1 - recorder), Nicole Clagett (lane 3), Daniela Falcone (lane 5)
    • Runners have no briefing, but thank you to Eda and Brandi Valencia for sharing this role!


    Our team has several parking passes that I will hand out to volunteers and coaches. If your family does not receive one, please consider carpooling. While there is street parking in the neighborhood, it is limited. You may need to drop off your swimmers at the driveway entrance and walk a distance back to the pool. Hopefully with our early warm up time, our team will be able to snag some of the closest available spots on the street.


    Fine Designs will set up on site to make and sell custom apparel at the meet. Their prices are as follows:

    • $25-$38 - t-shirts
    • $35-$45 - long sleeve shirts
    • $38-$60 - Tie-Dye shirts, long sleeve shirts, hoodies.
    • $50-$60 - Hoodies
    • $35-$74 - Dri-fit shirts, long sleeve shirts, performance hoodies, performance quarter-zips

    There are additional fees for add ons, including a list of swimmers’ names. They are able to accept all major credit card methods of payment, as well as cash onsite.

    Team Lunch

    We will meet at the McDonalds at 9100 Rothbury Dr for a quick team lunch after the meet. The coaches will hand out the ribbons and medals our swimmers earned that morning.

    I’ll remind you of all of these details closer to the meet, but I thought some of you would want to know them sooner than later.

    I hope you have a great rest of your evening!


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